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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

Alarm & Monitor

 RF Guard

 TH Guard

 Property Guard

 Molly303-2 netGuard

Temperature Guard

HTemp Guard

TPwr Guard

Power Guard

4-20ma Guard

Input Guard

Temp Guard Plus

Water Guard

HTemp Data Logger

TMA Dry Contact

Data Logger
TTEC 6 and 7 E
TTEC 6 and 7 C
Transport Recorder
Transcan 2 External
Transcan 2 Internal
Transcan 2 DIN
Transcan Sentinel
Transcan XL
Seven Eye Remote Temperature Monitoring and Tracking
Local Data Collection
TS Express


Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated


4-20mA Guard

4-20mA Guard, VM 500-4 SGP Model
7 Channel 4-20 mA Sensors Monitoring

Key Points

  • Monitor any type of sensor with 4-20ma output.

  • Monitor power, pressure, flow, humidity, temperature...

  • Receive a phone call or pager message with the integrated telephone dialer and digital voice if any sensor goes out of limits or the power goes out


Monitor seven sensors with 4-20ma outputs. Sensors are available from numerous manufacturers that can monitor temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, pretty much any parameter. This is the perfect product if you have a system or process that needs to be monitored 24/7/365 and someone notified about a fault condition immediately.
We can mount your 4-20MA Monitor in a NEMA 4 enclosure for you. The enclosure is 12"x12" and made of ABS plastic with a hinged smoked colored cover so you can see the display without opening the door. The enclosure also comes with air vents for cooling and knockouts for simple wiring and is lockable to prevent tampering. Consult us when ordering.



Monitors seven sensors with self-powered 4-20ma outputs.
Isolated 4-20ma inputs prevent ground loops.
Monitor two dry contact inputs (NO).
Calls you if a sensor's reading goes out of programmed limits.
Calls you upon dry contact input closure.
Calls you if there is a power loss.
Emergency messages can be sent to telephone pagers.
Automatically converts the sensor's ma output into it's units of measurement.
All parameters are programmed over the phone following voice menus.
Programmable low, high limits and sensor out-of-limits time delay.
Record an identification and unit of measurement message for each sensor.
Stores the maximum and minimum readings for each sensor.
Store four, twenty-digit phone numbers.
Four line LCD display shows all data.
Alarm relay output.
Alarm buzzer is turned on when a sensor goes out of limits.



Sensor Type: Self powered 4-20ma output sensors
Sensor Input: Isolated, 20 ohm input impedance, non powered
Response Time: 50ms
Accuracy: +- .05ma
One dry contact inputs
5a 125vac relay output
Alarm buzzer: (85dB)
Rechargeable four hour battery backup included (optional batteries are available).
Plug-in wall transformer, splitter and telephone extension cable included.
FCC Approved and Registered
Enclosure Dimensions: 220 X 120 X 60 mm


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