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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

Alarm & Monitor

 RF Guard

 TH Guard

 Property Guard

 Molly303-2 netGuard

Temperature Guard

HTemp Guard

TPwr Guard

Power Guard

4-20ma Guard

Input Guard

Temp Guard Plus

Water Guard

HTemp Data Logger

TMA Dry Contact

Data Logger
TTEC 6 and 7 E
TTEC 6 and 7 C
Transport Recorder
Transcan 2 External
Transcan 2 Internal
Transcan 2 DIN
Transcan Sentinel
Transcan XL
Seven Eye Remote Temperature Monitoring and Tracking
Local Data Collection
TS Express


Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated

About us

SpurTronic was established with the belief that temperature and humidity monitoring is important to many companies in the F&B industries, industrial environment, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, laboratory, health science, electronics, semiconductors manufacturer , etc.


With this belief we embarked with our research and development, testing and evaluation, after years of hard work, we are pleased to position ourselves as the specialist in remote temperature monitoring/call alert system, environment room temperature & humidity monitoring/call alert system, remote control of heating system with alarm, 4-20 ma sensor compatible monitor and alarm, high temperature monitor, power outage-restoration monitor and alarm, thermocouple compatible temperature monitor and alarm, water alarm system, general purpose dry contact alarm all with telephone dialer.


A powerful monitoring & alarm system that will monitor your equipment & products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and inform you via telephone alert call should there be a critical situation. To further enhance, almost all our monitoring systems have the capabilities to be connected to a computer for 24 hours online data logging via LAN solution or standalone PC logging.


We also carry  temperature data loggers, infra-red thermometers manufactured by Temperature Technology, Australia


May 2010 - FisTec Engineering Services was incorporated to provide engineering and consultancy services.


Sept 2010 - Adding to our product line, we are pleased to distribute and install TranScan range of  Transport Temperature Monitoring and Tracking System, manufactured by Seven Telematics, United Kingdom. A complete cold storage and temperature monitoring systems.



SpurTronic Group of Companies

SpurTronic Pte Ltd (CRN: 200505131C)

FisTec Engineering Services (BRN: 53165543A)

Temperature Guard Asia Pacific  (BRN: 53190488A)



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Fax (65) 6455 6922


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