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Temperature Humidity Guard

TH Guard VM 500-8 SGP Model
Temperature-Humidity Monitoring

Key Points

  • Complete environment alarm & monitor

  • Receive instant SOS alert calls if the temperature or humidity in your control temperature room goes out of limits.

  • The ideal room temperature alarm for a data center, computer room, server room, or equipment room.

  • Monitors up to 4 equipment/servers rooms

  • The ideal room humidity alarm for a data center, computer room, server room, or equipment room

  • Data Logging Capability


You need to protect the equipment in your data center, computer room, or equipment room from the damaging effects of high temperature and high humidity. 

The best way to protect sensitive electronics is to constantly monitor the temperature and/or humidity in your data center, computer room, or server room and be notified immediately about an air conditioning system failure. 

TH Guard will give you immediate notification with a telephone alert call or an alert page. 

The early warning you receive will allow you to take corrective action before the servers melt down, bringing the enterprise to a halt.

The TH Guard will call up to four phone numbers or pagers to notify key personnel of a problem with any computer room, server room, or equipment room.  Call anytime and hear the temperature and humidity of any data center, computer room, server room, or equipment room.

For additional protection, water sensors can be connected to the TH Guard  to monitor for water leaks and warn you about damage from leaking air conditioners or pipes.

The TH Guard can be used as a simple single room temperature alarm, a multiple room temperature alarm, a simple humidity alarm, a multiple room humidity alarm, or any combination of sensors to fulfill your requirements for an environment alarm.

Advanced VM500-8-DCP-E model, in addition to the above features, you can set up a distributed data logging, monitoring and alarming system.

You have multiple sensors point and you are responsible for collecting and reporting temperature-humidity logs and then submitting them to various agencies.  The VM500-8-DCP-E makes this a simple task.  From your desk you can automatically collect and report temperature-humidity data from down the hall as well as all over the world.  The data can be graphed as well as exported to an Excel spread sheet.  Comes complete with software and an Ethernet cable.



Monitor temperature, monitor humidity (optional), and monitor power.
Call and hear status any time.
The Temperature Guard makes temperature alarm telephone calls if the temperature goes above the upper limit or below the low limit.
The Temperature Guard makes power alarm telephone calls if there is a power loss.
Simple to install...plug in a telephone line, plug in the power and turn it on!
The Temperature Guard is programmed over the telephone following voice menus
Programmable low and high temperature alarm limits.
Programmable low and high humidity alarm limits. (optional)
Records maximum and minimum temperature, humidity values.
Record a 10 second personal identification message over the phone.
Works with most telephone pagers.
Operates with an answering machine on the same phone line 
Data logging capabilities DCP-E



Temperature Range: 0C to 50C

Accuracy 2C.
Humidity Range 0% to 90%RH.
Program four twenty digit phone numbers.
Rechargeable four hour battery backup included (optional batteries are available). No need to worry about a standard battery running out of power!
Plug-in wall transformer, splitter and telephone extension cable included.
FCC Approved and Registered.
Enclosure Dimensions: 220 X 120 X 60mm

Ordering Information
Description Model Number Software
Temperature-Humidity Computer Room Guard VM500-8  
Temperature-Humidity Computer Room Guard
with Ethernet Data Collection Package
VM500-8-DCP-E download
Wallmount Room Temperature Sensor* ACI/1K-2W-R
Wallmount Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor * ACI/1K-2W-RH3-R
Stainless Plate Mounted Sensor* ACI/1K-2W-SP 
Water Sensor WTR-1040

Sensor Extension Wire
100m spool for temperature sensors (4 pairs) WIR-I-22-100-4
100m spool for humidity sensors (8 wires) WIR-I-22-100-4
Battery Backup Options (four hour rechargeable battery backup is standard)
20 hour rechargeable battery backup B20
30 hour rechargeable battery backup B30
Display temperature readings in Celsius F (free of charge)
* temperature sensor is available with NIST traceable certificate - Extra Charges

Temperature-Humidity Guard / Computer Room Guard Frequently Asked Questions

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