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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

Alarm & Monitor

 RF Guard

 TH Guard

 Property Guard

 Molly303-2 netGuard

Temperature Guard

HTemp Guard

TPwr Guard

Power Guard

4-20ma Guard

Input Guard

Temp Guard Plus

Water Guard

HTemp Data Logger

TMA Dry Contact

Data Logger
TTEC 6 and 7 E
TTEC 6 and 7 C
ThermoChron ™
Transport Recorder
Transcan 2 External
Transcan 2 Internal
Transcan 2 DIN
Transcan Sentinel
Transcan XL
Seven Eye Remote Temperature Monitoring and Tracking
Local Data Collection
TS Express


Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated

Importance of Temperature Monitoring

Cold rooms store your products either frozen or chilled.
Frozen food, ice cream and frozen products are store at -20°C and below
Dairy products and fresh produces are store at 1 to 5 °C
Fresh meats and poultry are store at -5°C to 0°C
Laboratory samples / Epoxy at -45°C to -100 °C

When there is a power failure or refrigeration systems failure, the temperature takes less than a hour to rise 10 °C or higher. When such occurrences happen, depending on the type of products you store, temperature monitoring can be a very important factor. The earlier you detect the fault, your cost of maintenance, perishable products wastage can save you hundreds or sometime thousands of dollars. Not only that if you do not have the goods to deliver to your clients, your losses will definitely be much more than the dollar value.

Monitoring of your refrigeration equipment is important as sometimes waiting for the technician to recover your equipment can be longer than a day. The earlier you detect the problem, you save time and money thus reducing heavy losses.

Chilled product like fresh flowers, vegetables, fresh fish, and fresh milk are highly perishable and they required to be kept in a controlled environment. When temperature rise too high or falls too low, generally the products will perish. You will never like a fine morning to be informed that your fresh milk turned stale or your expensive vegetable was “froze cooked”, due to a small component failure in the refrigeration system. Imagine the damaged can caused you to lose thousands of dollars overnight.

Nowadays, most of the refrigeration systems are design and construct using forced air cooling system, and when equipment door is inadvertently left opened for a period of time, the cold air losses to the ambient will leave the compressors to run continuously, not only pumping up utilities bills but also caused a very important problem to the evaporator coil. That is “ICEING”. When heavy icing occurs, cold air will not be able to be forced out by the evaporator fan, thus causing the equipment to lose its ideal operating temperature properties and if this is left undetected for a period of time, it will caused major refrigeration failure to the systems.

Spurtronic have the solution. Just one box, you can independently monitor the room temperature, door not closed or not fully closed, added security features and it will be the right monitoring equipment to monitor the status of their refrigeration equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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