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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

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Temperature Alarm & Monitor
Temperature Monitor & Alarm

Key Points
  • Easy to use temperature alarm system

  • Monitor the temperature of up to eight zones

  • Connects easily to any alarm system/panel

  • Programmable time delay for each sensor to minimize "nuisance alarms"



With the easy to integrate MA412 SGP, you can quickly and easily add temperature monitoring and alarming to your alarm system, with dry contact output.


  • Simultaneously monitor up to eight (8) temperature sensors.

  • Programmable low and high limit for each sensor.

  • Programmable defrost time delay for each sensor.

  • Trigger eight (8) individual "out of limits" alarm relays.

  • Or monitor up to four temperature sensors with a distinct low limit alarm relay and high limit alarm relay for each sensor.

  • All programmed values are stored in permanent memory. No battery required, no batteries to replace.

  • Integrated display quickly highlights critical data.

  • Self monitoring. If the sensor connection opens or short circuits, alarm contacts are activated.

  • Easily integrates with alarm panels via alarm relays isolated contacts. Incorporate the MA412 into your alarm system or use it as a standalone temperature indicator.

  • Compatible with numerous temperature sensor probes to suit your application. From cryogenic freezer sensors to room temperature sensors for sensitive electronics.

  • Individual sensor offset calibration.





  • Temperature Sensor Inputs: 8

  • Maximum Temperature Sensor Range: -100C to 100C

  • Measurement resolution 1F, Field Calibrate-able

  • Sensor Type: 1000 Ohm Platinum (.00385 TCR)

  • Alarm Relay Outputs: 8

  • Alarm Relay Type:  Isolated, SPST-NO Form A, Configurable Alarm State

  • Alarm Relay Rating:  1.0A 30VDC, 0.5A 125VAC

  • Power Requirements:  12VDC 200mA

  • Operating Temperature Range 0C to 50C

  • Board Dimensions: 5.625" x 4.250"

 Temperature Zones
Alarm Points 
(-50C to 35C) Temperature Sensor in Vial* ACI/1K-2W-BP-V
(-50C to 35C) Temperature Sensor Probe Only* ACI/1K-2W-BP
(-100C to 50C) Temperature Sensor in Vial* ACI/1K-2W-LTS-V
(-100C to 50C) Temperature Sensor Probe Only* ACI/1K-2W-LTS
(-100C to 50C Stainless Plate Temperature Sensor* ACI/1K-2W-SP

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