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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

Alarm & Monitor

 RF Guard

 TH Guard

 Property Guard

 Molly303-2 netGuard

Temperature Guard

HTemp Guard

TPwr Guard

Power Guard

4-20ma Guard

Input Guard

Temp Guard Plus

Water Guard

HTemp Data Logger

TMA Dry Contact

Data Logger
TTEC 6 and 7 E
TTEC 6 and 7 C
ThermoChron ™
Transport Recorder
Transcan 2 External
Transcan 2 Internal
Transcan 2 DIN
Transcan Sentinel
Transcan XL
Seven Eye Remote Temperature Monitoring and Tracking
Local Data Collection
TS Express


Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated

Temperature Data Logger

Our data loggers are battery powered measurement instruments with memory for unattended monitoring of temperature. To start the logging and to download the result, the data loggers are connected to PCs via interface cables. Graphic software provides options for initial setting and for extracting information

T-TEC data loggers are the optimal choice due to the latest technology, unique design and powerful user friendly software. With the exception of the humidity loggers, all ttec data loggers are IP68 waterproof. All T-TEC data loggers are encased in a polycarbonate casing that is both durable and strong. Put in anywhere with the optional wall bracket and get all the detailed information on your screen. Curves from up to 8 different locations / data loggers may be called up simultaneously. All T-TEC Data Loggers have an LCD display as an optional extra.




Special Features Applications Applications


High accuracy

Fixing hole

Large memory

Australian made

Extra sturdy

Dust proof

2 Audible or visual alarms with delay

Powerful, easy to use software

Shipment of wine
Swimming Pools
Computer Rooms
Soil and Compost Manufacturing
Cooling Towers
Refrigerated Trucks

Food manufacturing
Air conditioning
Frost alarm
Storage of perishable goods
Frozen/chilled food transport

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Temperature, Single channel with precision thermistor sensor
Temperature, Single channel with precision thermistor sensor, LCD


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Temperature, TWO Channel with precision thermistor sensor
Temperature, TWO Channel with precision thermistor sensor with LCD


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Combined Temperature & Humidity
Combined Temperature & Humidity with LCD


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Ultra Low Temperature, Single Channel with precision thermistor sensor, LCD
High Temperature, Single Channel with precision thermistor sensor, LCD


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Thermochron™ temperature data loggers


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Temperature Recorders
Transport Recorders

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Liquid Crystal Promotional Thermometers


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