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CM 712 SGP

SMS Temperature Guard

Alarm & Monitor

 RF Guard

 TH Guard

 Property Guard

 Molly303-2 netGuard

Temperature Guard

HTemp Guard

TPwr Guard

Power Guard

4-20ma Guard

Input Guard

Temp Guard Plus

Water Guard

HTemp Data Logger

TMA Dry Contact

Data Logger
TTEC 6 and 7 E
TTEC 6 and 7 C
ThermoChron ™
Transport Recorder
Transcan 2 External
Transcan 2 Internal
Transcan 2 DIN
Transcan Sentinel
Transcan XL
Seven Eye Remote Temperature Monitoring and Tracking
Local Data Collection
TS Express


Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated

Thermochron™ Temperature Data Loggers
Water resistance
Meets UL#913 for intrinsically safe apparatus, approved under entity concept for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group A,B,C and D locations (application pending)
Intervals: May be set from 1 minute to two hours
Two alarm points (Max and Min) may be set in software when starting the logger.
Alarm status and time in alarm is shown when querying the logger from the computer.

This temperature data logger has all the features of a larger temperature datalogger, but is the size of a small coin cell battery. These temperature dataloggers are inexpensive, with a lifetime of 5-7 years. IButton dataloggers are water resistant and accurate to ±1°C between -30°C to + 70°C.

TTEC datalogger software to also operate the Thermochrons. A starter kit, complete with software, Thermochron specific serial interface or USB adaptor and one Thermochron data logger, is available.

Temperature Ranges
LF : -30°C + 85°C
HF : +15°C + 46°C
ZF : -5°C + 25°C

Memory: 2, 048 logs

Thermochron is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products.






Hand held data collector

 TempTec Thermochron Reader

Ordering Code: Temp-Tec-R

Able to hold files from 370 Thermochrons before offloading to PC
Able to check for alarms situation on the spot.


  • Temp-Tec Reader cannot interfere with the setup of the logging.

  • logger is undisturbed regardless of how many times it has been checked.

More on TempTec Reader >>


Starter Kit
Ordering Code: DS T-TEC100


1pc - DS 1921G-F50 or DS1921Z-F50 Thermochron iButton Data logger
1set - DS 1402D Reader cable, blue dots
1set - DS 9097U Serial port adaptor or USB-port adaptor
1pc - DS 9093A Snap-in fob or wall mounting fob
1set - T-TEC SW Software (for T-TEC, Thermochron & TempTec-R)

How to Order ?
Product Code Description  
  1. DS 1921G-F50

  2. DS1922G-F50

  3. DS 1402D

  4. DS 9097U

  5. DS 9490 USB

  6. DS 90-14020

Thermochron ibutton Data Logger

Thermochron ibutton Data Logger

Reader Cable, Blue dot

Serial port adaptor

USB port adaptor

RP8 Single dot reader (for wall mounted buttons)

(-30°C + 85°C) 2048 memory

(-30°C + 85°C) Large memory


Software Download       

T-TEC Website

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